Welcome to my page! 👋

I am an Assistant Professor in the Information Systems group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). My research group focus on developing tools and techniques to improve operational processes. The core research areas include business intelligence, business engineering and process engineering. My research focus consists of following concrete topics:
  • data-driven decision-making
  • predictive maintenance
  • deep reinforcement learning
  • business process monitoring and optimisation
  • Self-supervised and transfer learning
If you are interested in talking about my research or possible collaboration, I welcome you to email me at z(dot)bukhsh@tue(dot)nl.

News 🚀

Last updated: 01-02-22
Feburary 2022
My paper as a sole author Contrastive sensor transformer for predictive maintenance of industrial assets is accepted for publication in one of oldest and prestigious conference of signal processing ICASSP 2022 . The paper proposed a novel approach for learning useful representations for robust fault identification without using task-specific labels.
January 2022
Our paper Grouping of Maintenance Actions with Deep Reinforcement Learning and Graph Convolutional Networks , with our Master student David Kerkkamp as first author, has been accepted for ICAART 2022 . The paper is nominated for Best paper award and is based on David's Master thesis at Rolsch Assetmanagement within the PrimaVera project.
December 2021
Presented a poster of our work titled Maintenance planning framework using online and offline deep reinforcement learning at Women in Machine Learning workshop co-located with NeurIPS 2021.
August 2021
Presented our paper BiNet: Bridge Visual inspection dataset and approach for damage detection at the 1st Conference of the European Association on Quality Control of Bridges and Structures – EUROSTRUCT2021.
July 2021
Our paper Damage detection using in-domain and cross-domain transfer learning has been accepted for publication at the journal Neural Computing and Applications.
March 2021
Our paper Deep reinforcement learning for rehabilitation planning of water pipes network has been accepted for at Adaptive and Learning Agents (ALA) 2021, co-located with AAMAS.
Feburary 2021
Presented our work about ProcessTransformer: Predictive Business Process Monitoring with Transformer Network at SEN21.
January 2021
Started working as Assistant Professor at Information Systems group in Eindhoven University of Technology. Visit my institution page.
November 2020
Invited talk at PrimaVera Colloquium about Decision support methods for infrastructure maintenance . Abstract and recorded talk is available here.
August 2020
Selected to be part of Oxford Machine Learning Summer School. Further information is available here.
June 2020
Presented a poster of our work titled In-domain and Cross-domain Transferability for Damage Detection in Structural Health Monitoring at Women in Machine Learning workshop co-located with ICML 2020.
May 2020
Glad to share that fifth journal paper from my PhD research, titled 'Maintenance intervention predictions using entity-embedding neural networks' is now published in Automation in Construction journal.
March 2020
I have joined Software science department of Radboud university as post-doctoral research. I will be working on PrimaVera, predictive maintennace for very effective asset management, project funded by NWO.
January 2020
My forth journal paper of PhD work titled, 'Multi-year maintenance planning framework using multi-attribute utility theory and genetic algorithms' is published in European Transport Research Review.
December 2019
I gave poster presentation titled, Predictive maintenance planning of bridges using deep neural network at Women in Machine Learning workshop co-organized with NeurIPS 2019 at Vancovour, Canada.
November 2019
I co-authored systematic literature review on requirement prioritization techniques and their empirical evaluation is published in Computer Standards & Interfaces.
September 2019
On Thursday Sept. 12, I graduated with a doctoral degree from University of Twente 😍. A huge shout out to my amazing and supportive supervisors prof. dr. Andre Doree and dr. Irina Stipanovic. Find more about my PhD work at this page.